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Qazzoo Is An Innovative Platform

July 13, 2015 is an innovative new platform that allows consumers and businesses to connect directly with one another. By doing this, they skip the middle-men who so often soak up time and effort. Businesses who use Qazzoo want to pass on the savings to their customers rather than spending money on advertisements in the newspaper or whatever else. Businesses benefit by being able to fulfill local service or product requests on that are specific and geographically close.

Consumers who use can register for the site in a matter of minutes. It is not difficult and does not require a great deal of information. Of course, the more information that is offered, the better Qazzoo is able to attend to the consumers needs. The website is user friendly and easy to figure out—there is very little confusion by either businesses or consumers with how to set up accounts. allows consumers to create profiles and then generate service or product requests that relay to local businesses what it is they need. Businesses are then able to compete over how to fulfill the service or product request of those consumers.